HUSET bar counter and interior

HUSET is a coffee and lunch bar located in a 19th century town mansion. Eveline, the owner, was in need of a larger counter to provide space for fridge’s and other machinery that were overcrowding the already small kitchen. Additionally, a lot of open storage space was needed to display her impressive collection of tableware, teapots and other curious objects.

The existing interior, dating back to the 19th century, is characterized by gold painted plaster mouldings, chandeliers, marble fireplaces topped with huge decorated mirrors and a variety of neo-style furniture which creates a very luxurious and historical ambience.

The main challenge was to find a way to fit the new interior in this context without disrupting the ambience of the space and at the same time staying true to the zeitgeist of this time period, which eventually led to the choice of brass as the main material for the new furniture. The timelessness of brass combined with it’s gold-like appearance forms a fitting response to the historical and luxurious character of the space while the sober form and detailing prevents the whole from becoming to pompous or even kitsch. This makes it contemporary but with a clear link to the past and the context it is placed in.


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